August 8, 2016

Sheriff Sam Craft of the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office announces the arrests of John C. Compton, age 44, of Leesville, Oliver Michael Medina, age 46, and Amy Vanderhoff Medina, age 40, of Anacoco.

The arrests are the result of an extensive investigation which began in April 2016 into the possible exploitation of an infirm person who was at the time, 75 years of age.

Detectives were able to determine that the victim had been suffering from a neurological impairment for at least 2 years prior to the incidents.

During the course of the investigation Detectives issued numerous Subpoenas to financial institutions in order to obtain the financial records of the victim as well as the suspects.

Upon receiving the bank documentation and surveillance videos, Detectives were able to identify persons involved in making transactions, on the victim’s bank accounts. These transactions included large monetary withdrawals and a multitude of access card transactions.

John. C. Compton was identified as a family member of the victim. Compton had also recently obtained a durable power of attorney in July 2016 on the victim which he used frequently at local financial institutions.

Amy Vanderhoff Medina was identified as a caregiver for the victim. It was also learned that Medina had obtained a durable power of attorney in April 2016 on the victim which she used to make numerous banking transactions.

Oliver M. Medina was identified as the husband of Amy Medina. Further investigation shows that Oliver Medina was in the company of Amy Medina when she made several purchases utilizing the victim’s ATM Debit Card.

Oliver M. Medina is an employee of the physical security division of the DPS Police which provides security services at government buildings. Medina has been placed on administrative leave effective immediately until this matter is resolved.

The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office has identified in excess of $ 59,000.00 worth of suspicious transactions on the victim’s accounts at this time.

Louisiana Law states that the exploitation of persons with infirmities is the intentional expenditure, diminution, or use by any person, including a caregiver, of the property or assets of a person with an infirmity, an adult with a disability, or any person who is aged.

The law also indicates that the use of a power of attorney or guardianship of a person with an infirmity, a person, who is aged, or an adult with a disability for one’s own profit or advantage by means of fraudulent conduct, practices, or representations is a violation of the statute.

The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office was assisted in this investigation by the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations.

Bond was set at $25,000.00 each. Oliver and Amy Medina posted bond and were released.

John Compton remains in the VPSO jail.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing.

July 18, 2016

DeRidder Police Department - Bank Robbery 

The DeRidder police department is actively investigating a bank robbery at Sabine State Bank on Mahlon Street. The incident occurred today at approximately 12:30pm.

The suspect is a white male approximately 5'6 with a slim build. Suspect vehicle is a burgundy 4 door

Anyone with information is asked to call the DeRidder Police at 337-462-8911 or Crime Stoppers at 337-462-8918.

UPDATE: Driver of black pickup truck is a white male.

July 11, 2016
The Vernon Parish E-911 Communications Center received a 911 call at approximately 9:46 p.m., Friday, July 8, 2016 regarding a structure fire in the Rosepine area.

The caller indicated that there was live ammunition inside the building and the heat of the fire was causing the ammunition to discharge.

Deputies and Detectives with the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office and Officers from the Rosepine Police Department responded to Providence Road where they located a shop type structure engulfed in flames.

Fire department personnel arrived at the location and were able to extinguish the fire.

The Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal was contacted and the scene was secured until an arson investigator could arrive at the location.

The cause of the fire was determined to be arson by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office.

After further investigation Stacie Jackson Ramirez, age 44, of Rosepine was arrested in the early morning hours of July 9, 2016 and charged with one count of Simple Arson.

Ramirez was booked into the Vernon Parish Jail. Bond was set at $ 10,000.00.

Ramirez posted bond and was released on July 11, 2016.

Personnel with the Rosepine Fire Department, Marlow Fire Department, Cravens Fire Department, Pitkin Fire Department, and Sandy Hill Fire Department responded to the blaze.

No injuries were reported.